Tinnitus Treatment for Lawrenceville and Johns Creek, GA. Residents

Maybe it’s a rushing river, a bee buzzing, or a high-pitched ringing that you just can’t seem to shake. Regardless of how you would describe the ringing or buzzing in your ears, it is frustrating, annoying, and shouldn’t be there.

If you have experienced any of the above sensations over an extended period of time, then you may be suffering from a condition known as chronic tinnitus, which is present in roughly 5-10% of the adult population in the United States according to the Healthy Hearing Foundation page on tinnitus.

At Northeast Atlanta Ear Nose & Throat, PC (locations in Lawrenceville and Johns Creek, GA.) we offer tinnitus treatment for patients who suffer from chronic ringing in the ears.

Why Does Tinnitus Occur?

Anyone can be diagnosed with chronic tinnitus, with the most common suffers being older men (as there is a strong correlation between chronic tinnitus and some level of hearing loss). However, individuals male or female, young or old can experience sporadic episodes of tinnitus that over a period of time can turn into an ongoing problem.

In addition to the age and gender factors, the next most common cause of tinnitus is the level of noise a person is exposed to over a long period of time. Some common reasons people suffer from tinnitus are due to work conditions (construction jobs, factory workers, etc.) and lifestyle choices (attending loud concerts and events, or shooting guns) which can lead to damaged hearing, and an increased risk for tinnitus symptoms to manifest themselves.

How Can Tinnitus Interrupt my Daily Life?

If you are a tinnitus sufferer, then you have probably experienced some of the following:

  • Being annoyed at the ringing in your ears, and unable to settle down or relax as a result.

  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.

  • Having a difficult time concentrating or focusing on specific tasks because of the distractions caused by tinnitus.

  • Experiencing anxiety or depression, wondering if your condition will ever get better.

These are classic signs of a tinnitus sufferer, and if you are experiencing any of these issues then we encourage you to contact one of our offices (contact our Lawrenceville office here, or our Johns Creek office here).

What Treatment Options are Available?

Non-invasive tests may be performed in order to determine the underlying cause of your tinnitus, which is not always apparent with a standard physical examination.

Our ENT physicians may recommend balance testing, a hearing loss test, or an imaging procedure (such as a CT scan or x-ray) in order to get a more thorough understanding of what is going on in your body.

What Should I Do?

If your tinnitus is severe to the point that it is interrupting your daily life and having a significant impact on your quality of life, then we encourage you to contact us today in order to schedule your appointment.

Our doctors work with patients suffering from tinnitus each and every day, and may be able to help you find relief. Give us a call today at one of our convenient locations to schedule your tinnitus appointment!