Treatment for Swimmers Ear at our Johns Creek and Lawrenceville ENT Offices

Are you experiencing the common symptoms of swimmers ear? If so, you are probably seeking treatment at this exact moment. If you are wondering which treatment options are available for swimmers ear, please keep reading.

What is Swimmers Ear?

Swimmers ear is technically called acute otitis externa. It is a condition which affects the outer ear. The symptoms can become very painful, especially for children.

Symptoms include:

  • ear pain

  • inflammation or swelling

  • irritation

  • infection

  • itchy ears

  • discharge (clear at first, but then yellowish, cloudy, or pus-like)

When water gets trapped in your ear, the symptoms often appear. Sometimes the trapped water can lead to infection, spread of bacteria, or spread of fungal organisms. It is important to note that swimmers ear cannot be spread from one person to another.

Since this particular condition commonly affects swimmers, it is known as swimmers ear. Who would have thought?

However, the following groups of people can also experience swimmers ear at some point in their lives:

  • non-swimmer children, teenagers, and adults

  • people suffering from eczema

  • people who have excess earwax

Pretty much anyone who comes into contact with water on the ears are at risk for developing swimmers ear. It is caused by increased moisture trapped within the ear canal.

That is why it is very important to always keep your ears as dry as possible. You can wear a bathing cap, a custom-fitted swim mold (for swimming), or ear plugs.

Signs and Symptoms of Swimmers Ear

  • Drainage

  • Fever

  • Sensation or a feeling that the ear is blocked or full

  • Decreased hearing

  • Swollen lymph nodes around either ear or near the upper neck region

  • Swelling and/or redness of the skin near your ear

  • Intense pain that could spread to the side of the head, face, or neck

It is very important that you seek treatment as soon as possible if you begin to experience symptoms. This is the best case scenario.

Treatment for Swimmers Ear from Northeast Atlanta ENT

If symptoms are left untreated, severe implications can occur. Untreated swimmers ear can potentially lead to:

  • hearing loss

  • bone and cartilage damage

  • recurring ear infections

To treat swimmers ear, our ENT doctors will perform an evaluation and speak with you regarding the symptoms you are experiencing. After this happens, we can determine which treatment method is right for you.

The following treatment options may help:

  • prescriptions to reduce your pain

  • prescriptions to get rid of infection

  • certain at-home treatments

  • antibiotic ear drops

If you are suffering from swimmers ear symptoms and you want to get an evaluation, call our office today. We have two convenient locations in Johns Creek, GA and Lawrenceville, GA. Call us today!

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